A Great Way to Make Money With eBay

When you hear “eBay” and “money” in the same sentence your probably think of becoming an eBay seller.

You place product listings in the eBay marketplace, buyers bid, you pay your eBay seller fees and what you have left is your profit margin.

There is, however, another way to build a business which still revolves around eBay but which doesn’t involve you selling a single thing in the eBay marketplace.

This “other way” opportunity is based on the eBay affiliate program and a great tool which makes entry into this opportunity not only possible but also super easy. This tool is called “Build A Niche Store“.

Now if you don’t know – an affiliate program enables you as an individual internet entrepreneur to promote the products of a company in exchange for a commission on all sales that you refer.

You are basically operating as an internet middleman and connecting internet browsers to particular products and companies through you own network of websites and marketing methods.

If we return to the eBay affiliate program, eBay actually invites you to promote all of the product listings in the eBay marketplace and in exchange for your efforts will pay you up to 75% of the revenue they make from each sale you refer plus up to $25 for each new active eBay member you refer.

You can have a read about the eBay.com affiliate program here

What this means is that you can earn up to three quarters of eBay’s revenue simply for connecting people to the products listed in the eBay marketplace.

Not only do you get to partner with the best branded marketplace in the world, you also get access to and control over ALL of the products listed in this marketplace. The eBay product inventory becomes YOUR product inventory and yet you do NOT have to stock items, deal with customers, organize shipping
or process refunds.

You are no longer limited to selling only those products which you can buy and sell for a profit margin. You can choose ANY niche market and promote those eBay products relevant to your chosen niche outside of the eBay marketplace, funnelling targeted traffic through to eBay and into your own affiliate commissions.

Golf clubs, race cars, computers, cat collars, pearl necklaces, Beach Front real estate…

If you know eBay you know how BIG it is – there are NO limits.

At this point you might be thinking – well this sounds interesting but in reality is there any money in it? Well, here’s the shocker – eBay’s top affiliates make over 1 million dollars a month. That’s right – 8 figures a year without stocking, selling or shipping a single thing!

Now eBay does provide some basic free tools to help you succeed as an eBay affiliate and build an affiliate business BUT it has been the development of a tool outside of eBay that has really opened this up as a legitimate business opportunity.

The tool, as I mentioned earlier, is called “Build A Niche Store” and what it enables you to do is build eBay affiliate websites targeted to any eBay niche you want. These act as the medium through
which you funnel targeted visitors to eBay.

Here are a couple of examples, one targeting Lawn Mowers and the other Hair Care Products:

Lawn Mower eBay Affiliate Website

Hair Care Affiliate Website

As you can see, these are professional looking websites that contain all of those eBay products related to their target niche inside a searchable store format, each of which automatically contains your eBay affiliate id.

These stores then automatically update as new products are listed for saleand old listing expire from the eBay marketplace and the software has built in development features which enable you to create new store pages, add content to these pages, create content pages, modify your template etc etc.

Basically, in the space of about 10 minutes (once you are familiar with how the software works) you can create a fully functional eBay affiliate website targeted to the niche market of your choice.

Your store content is all search engine friendly which will provide the foundation for attracting targeted traffic from the search engines and you can then use the development features to attract more targeted visitors which will in turn mean more eBay affiliate commissions.

It really is a brilliant concept and the support is great, both from the guys behind the project and the member forum which you get lifetime access to when you purchase the product.

Build A Niche Store comes with a step by step user manual which will walk even the most technically inexperienced through setting up their eBay affiliate website, 9 professional template layouts which can be customized (from inside your admin panel) to match your target niche, lifetime member forum access, comprehensive product support and possibly most importantly – an UNLIMITED domain license which means you can build as many of these niche websites as you want for the small one time fee.

Think about how many niches eBay caters to!

How big could your eBay affiliate business be?!

I’ve personally built 19 niche sites in the last 6 weeks and my income is growing weekly. This product gets my full recommendation – check it out today…

Click Here To Read More About Build A Niche Store


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22 Responses to “A Great Way to Make Money With eBay”

  1. Internet Home Business » Blog Archive » A Great Way to Make Money With eBay Says:

    […] eminem1627 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThere is, however, another way to build a business which still revolves around eBay but which doesn’t involve you selling a single thing in the eBay marketplace. This “other way” opportunity is based on the eBay affiliate program … […]

  2. janieruth Says:

    Jamie, thanks for the great advice! BANS is a fun tool that is bound to offer great rewards. I can’t wait to build another storefront! Your pal, janieruth

  3. Data Entry Says:

    We can really make money from ebay having right product to sell on auction. Buy product from the whole sale cheap and get listed at ebay will be much profitable.

  4. World Business Directory Says:

    Excellent! Thanks for doing this…it’s really nice to know that I’m not alone on a lot of these things.

  5. Bigman Says:

    I been using eBay for over a year and also use BANS its a great product. I also use rss to feed my blogs with related products. I have developed some great yahoo pipes to help any body that use ebay affiliate rss feeds. This really helps me build my sites with related fees.


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  7. A Great Way To Make Money With EBay | yorgosnormie Says:

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  8. make money online Says:

    make money online…

    It also got me to wondering what it is that people get from these things. Do people really draw motivation from this stuff? I have been reading Darren Brown’ s Tricks of the Mind , or at least re- reading sections of it, this week. He points out that…

  9. Andrew Milburn Says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Love the blog, it is full of great content. Keep up the good work.
    Take Care

  10. thesavvyseller Says:

    Jamie –
    You are truly the guru of BANS! I always look forward to hearing your updates. Keep up the great work!

    Your fellow Rock Star –

  11. Cathy Says:

    Thanks for the advice. I have created a new simple versatile floral vase and would love to hear your ideas on whether or not it is a viable to sell online.

  12. ebayauctionstrategies Says:

    I bought BANS and can’t wait to get started! Thanks for the inspiration.


  13. 1petspalace Says:

    Hello! Great info!! Thank you for sharing the info on BANS!! We will have to look into it!! See you back stage at OSI Rock Stars!!

  14. katiyana Says:

    WOW – great information on another way to make money using eBay! I just learned about affiliate marketing last year at eBay Live, and you’ve taken it to a whole new level using BANS.


  15. Brenda Says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I have heard so much recently about BANS I have to check this out soon! Its definitely on my list of things to accomplish in 2008! Thanks for the push and the reminder. All the best to you. See you back stage at OSI RockStars.

    Blessings, Brenda

  16. Dany Says:

    Interesting concept.


  17. Brenda Says:


    I have heard so much about BANS from other OSI RockStars… I know I MUST check this out soon. Its definitely on my list of things to accomplish during 2008!

    All the best to you,

  18. eclecticcollectit Says:

    Hi Jamie, Lots to learn here! Keep up the great work!

    See you in Chicago!


  19. precisionbluing Says:

    Hey Jamie! Thanks for introducing me to BANS! My something new for the day!

    Jennifer Smith

  20. Michael W. Mills Says:

    Great post Jamie! I have had the BANS software for awhile but haven’t done anything with it. You have inspired me to start up again.

    Have Fun!

  21. kilo Says:

    Working from Home Online is easy and FREE…..only time is invested. Build a niche store is a nice product.

  22. kilo Says:

    forgot to mention, i did purchase BANS and it’s quite nice


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