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How to Spot a Work From Home Online Opportunity Scam in 5 Steps

May 5, 2008

One of the pitfalls of working at home online is that there are numerous scams out there.  In the traditional job market spotting something that is not a real job or that is a bit shady is easy, but in the work from home online opportunity  environment where everything is pretty virtual it can be difficult.  That is why when searching for a online work at home job a person has to be ready to weed out the scams.


The following are 5 steps to use to spot a work from home online opportunity scam.  Each of the steps gives things to look at when considering a work at home opportunity.  To use these 5 steps a person will go through each and see if the business passes or fails the step.  A business opportunity needs to pass all 5 to be proven legit.  By using all 5 steps a person should be able to avoid almost any scam out there without ending up losing money and wasting valuable time on an opportunity that is bogus.


Step 1: The business opportunity offers no details.  When looking at a company and the opportunity offer there should be details that explain who the company is, what they do and what the opportunity is all about.  Working from home is not a secret affair and it should never be.  If a company doesn’t give up information then it is likely a scam.


Step 2: The company requires payment up front to work with them.  Now, this can be a weird area because in some cases up front payment is legit.  Many people get caught up on this point. For example, it is okay to pay upfront to get a sales kit in a direct sales situation.  It is not okay to pay for an application fee or administrative fee.  It is never okay to pay just to get information.  If you are not getting actual product samples or sales tools then never pay.


Step 3: The company has no products or service.  If a company doesn’t immediately let a person know what they are selling then it is likely selling nothing.  A company that is selling nothing is not a place where anyone should be working because it is a scam.


Step 4: The company is not known.  It is rare that a work from home online opportunity  will not have someone who knows about them.  If the company is one that nobody has heard of and that no information can be found on then it is likely a scam.  A real company will have buzz about it.  People will be talking about them.


Step 5: Lastly, a person should always follow their gut instincts.  If a work from home online opportunity  doesn’t feel right then it is likely not.  A person should never go with a company or work at home position if they do not feel very good about it. 


These 5 steps are key to weeding out work from home online opportunity  scams.  They can help a person to avoid falling for scams that can be quite costly.  Many people who end up involved with a scam end up writing off the whole work at home experience.  That is a shame because there really are a lot of good work from home online opportunities out there.




Together Everyone Achieves More

April 30, 2008

The online market place is not easy.  There are many get rich quick scams and schemes that are plastered all over the internet.  Thousands of so called gurus promoting their success tools and sites that make online riches look easy to obtain.  How many ebooks have you bought?  How many programs have you subscribed to that didn’t work?  How much money have you thrown out the internet window?  How much time have you spent trying this and that with nothing much to show for it?  I know, I’ve been there.  I’ve bought into many of the promotions, never to earn a single dime.  But my urge to buy the next big thing has greatly diminished since I’ve learned what a true opportunity smells like…

That’s why I’ve started this blog.   To help you find the legitimate money maker business opportunities online.  Opportunities that probably won’t make you rich overnight but have a real good chance of building your wealth over time when you put in the work necessary.

Many of these opportunities have come to me through a wonderful community of internet entrepreneurs at OSI Rock Stars.  Led by the Online Success Institute founder and eBay guru Janelle Elms, this training and education website teaches you how to succeed online.  It is an interactive and constantly growing site teaching the skills and resources to survive and thrive in the online market place.

The Rock Stars that make up OSI Rock Stars are very open and generous to share the pros and cons of various online opportunities such as eBay, Amazon, Squidoo, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, etc.   Plus you’ll learn the skills to succeed like Discipline, Persisitance, Passion, Organization, Book Keeping, Life Skills, Motivation, and much much more.  Yes, these things take time and effort (the aroma of most true opportunities).  But most true opportunities take an array of finely tuned skills such as these.

Rock Stars understand this and that giving back is another piece of the success puzzle.  The OSIRockStars community is like a T.E.A.M.  A group of individuals striving to succeed online but realizing that Together Everyone Achieves More.  I invite you to join us in choosing success!