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Together Everyone Achieves More

April 30, 2008

The online market place is not easy.  There are many get rich quick scams and schemes that are plastered all over the internet.  Thousands of so called gurus promoting their success tools and sites that make online riches look easy to obtain.  How many ebooks have you bought?  How many programs have you subscribed to that didn’t work?  How much money have you thrown out the internet window?  How much time have you spent trying this and that with nothing much to show for it?  I know, I’ve been there.  I’ve bought into many of the promotions, never to earn a single dime.  But my urge to buy the next big thing has greatly diminished since I’ve learned what a true opportunity smells like…

That’s why I’ve started this blog.   To help you find the legitimate money maker business opportunities online.  Opportunities that probably won’t make you rich overnight but have a real good chance of building your wealth over time when you put in the work necessary.

Many of these opportunities have come to me through a wonderful community of internet entrepreneurs at OSI Rock Stars.  Led by the Online Success Institute founder and eBay guru Janelle Elms, this training and education website teaches you how to succeed online.  It is an interactive and constantly growing site teaching the skills and resources to survive and thrive in the online market place.

The Rock Stars that make up OSI Rock Stars are very open and generous to share the pros and cons of various online opportunities such as eBay, Amazon, Squidoo, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, etc.   Plus you’ll learn the skills to succeed like Discipline, Persisitance, Passion, Organization, Book Keeping, Life Skills, Motivation, and much much more.  Yes, these things take time and effort (the aroma of most true opportunities).  But most true opportunities take an array of finely tuned skills such as these.

Rock Stars understand this and that giving back is another piece of the success puzzle.  The OSIRockStars community is like a T.E.A.M.  A group of individuals striving to succeed online but realizing that Together Everyone Achieves More.  I invite you to join us in choosing success!



OSI Rock Stars – The Premier eBay Education Site

April 30, 2008

I’m thinking about cleaning out the closets and want to sell my stuff on eBay.

I currently sell on eBay but I’m not getting the sales I desire.

I’m thinking about becoming a full time eBay trader.

I’m selling a lot but working night and day to get it all done.

Can you relate to any of these statements?  Then you need OSI Rock Stars!

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, blogs, websites, etc.  Some free, some paid subscriptions.  None of them compare to the quality of training provided by Janelle Elms and the very generous OSIRockStar community.  For beginners and experts alike, you’ll find the success tools and education you need to succeed in your eBay business.  OSI Rock Stars – Choose Success!